fied as someone to take a few small commissions to respectable chiefs as though they really involved.

  Liu Liancheng naturally refused to recognize, identify him would be finished.
  He may not be able to fool the past does not believe that a few people take off the gloves, please move the antiques industry hotshots shot, Liu Liancheng accused of fraud.
  Push everyone down the wall, anything in him that bought and sold antiques have to come to scratch out yielded several fakes.The cumulative number of cases, huge amounts involved, plus people lie quite backing, Liu Liancheng was sentenced to thirteen years, and a lot of money but also bear the huge compensation and fines.
  House seemingly endless rain, looking at the momentum of a concubine Liu Liancheng wrong, Liu Liancheng emptied the safe of gold bars and treasure, with his own young son born daughter getaway.
  Mrs. Liu anger directly stick in the past, after the original compensation, 深圳桑拿网can barely support the family, but now little bitch stole half of the family business, how they can afford compensation.
  The final compensation plus a fine of almost emptied Liu, his wife Liu everywhere plead Kudiehanniang, past all those enthusiastic friends face downcast.After expiration, I want to hang the family was swept out several vicious brawny.
  Huang Shufen went to pieces clutching Liu Yalan’s arm: “Mom, mom!”
  Liu Yalan face sallow eyes were black, how can there be the usual elegant and charming, came after Hong Kong City, first by her parents, after his parents died by his brother, where to eat, drink daily happy like gods, where to survive the poor suffered the crime, now the whole person I do not know how to do.
  Mrs. Liu is it not, ah, she will go shopping cards.Several children are still in school, the fa杭州夜网mily

use she rode the horse, the horse is a breed rare Western, tall and strong, for the petite moxa, thisHorses too big, she is very inconvenient and down, so she immediately felt in waiting, is better.

  Wait no more for a while, he heard footsteps coming from the dilapidated temple, accompanied by the sound of footsteps, and groans babbling sounds very painful.
  Soon, A star will go out from the temple, he is not a man, his hand dragging a man, a groan of pain from the man’s mouth is issued to.
  Etc. A star approached, only nine warm moonlight, to see the man dragging his hand looks.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  726 dead 北京夜网and deal

  No, Wen nine to see, not his looks, but this man’s tragic story.
  A man was dragging the star, the reason will send out a groan of pain, because he certainly been beaten before, now, his body ragged, tattered, all blood, his face is black and blue one of.
  It is late at night, although the moon, but the light in the end is not very good, warm nine could not see, this person specifically grow into what looks like, but she can barely see it, this man is probably forty or fifty years in in men.
  ”Who is this man ah?”Although, Seeing middle-aged men to be labeled as such, but also did not warm nine flood of Our Lady of heart, this man, expressed sympathy for the way.
  Because the temperature nine could be seen dragging on people’s view of the action from the A star, which people who face injury, should come from the hand of A St天津夜网ar.
  A star shot beat reason, there must be his purpose.
  And now they travel at night, is to find the mother’s bones to be clever, perhaps just this middle-aged man, once t

crative things more important point.

  ”No, you took up your sister on the line, then something, me and your mother, with your grandmother, it does not work, call on your uncle Shi Lei, one will get that done, you do not have access two small point.”Zhang Yuyu heard two children say, and quickly cut down to the incumbent.
  This is not at home, but this garlic peanuts to make money, and if so to listen to other people went to ask is the Editor can Zezheng?So Zhang Yuyu voice to put low.
  For fear that walls have ears.
  ”Sumi ah, but today our home rejoicing thing, you do not come to show off?Give our family a long face, you have a color, Ze Yang?”
  Consumers just a pause, Li Chunyan was to celebrate took over, watching Sumi said, grinning.
  Sumi looked up and looked at had a Chunyan.
  Perhaps because today is their room, “happy thing” So Chunyan was actually wearing new clothes.
  Sumi somewhat surprised,Know her so long, along with predecessor’s memory are counted, Sumi This is the first time I saw it was Chunyan wear new clothes.
  ”Show off?Could it be that your family entertain banquet chef did not m广州桑拿ake it?Or that we are empty-handed to rub your family meal?Why should I go to your house white work?”Sumi now is, who do not want to face.
  Anyway, why give these people face?Speaking, and that had nothing Chunyan itself friendship, but that time has shown signs of somewhat favorable impression, combined the edge of the eye, now long gone this idea a good impression of spotless.
  ”Two brothers and sisters, you see, and you usually Sumi relations good, this time we will sub-Li precisely to a long face, Why do not you say a word of it?You forget you are just loud noise in the house of the mother promised?”Lee pushed a Hangchihangchi to celebrate the speech had refused Chunyan, a little disgusted, he said.
  ”Su…Sumi, you see, you can not help, do a dish, you dish on the line, Yisow, Sao beg you!”Chunyan was actually talking directl北京夜网y to the Sumi knees.
  More tears fall down a string of a string.
  Sumi had been shocked Chunyan sudden move to the.
  This is what?
  ”Sumi, I

ered debri杭州夜网s, debris splashed down in a Song Sisi feet.

  Chapter 570 I would like to put it another way

  Song Sisi stooped to pick up that piece of debris, then looked up to the original Song Jin angry eyes, whispered: “Dad, you and Mom is a combination of free love, after you get married almost been separated.Dad, you told me that your marriage is happy it?”
  Her words ripped Song This burst of efforts to maintain peace, Yixin Lan pale, firmly stick to the original Song Jin, who look changes, long before sighed: “Sisi, you can not because parents failed marriage to All negative feelings combined marriage.”
  He made these remarks one, Yixin Lan dealt a heavy blow, eyes over the pages backwards tossed away, Neo screaming “Mom” rushed over to hug her.
  Song Sisi also shocked, drive past to see, Yixin Lan opened his eyes, grabbed he深圳桑拿网r hand and asked her teeth: “Song Sisi, you are not necessarily destroy this house is not?You still hate me hit you that is not a slap in the face?”
  Song Sisi’s hand hurt, Yixin Lan’s fingernails into her flesh, showing that Henji her, her face is no fluctuation: “Mom, you will not ring true once a nice problem to blame someone else, never where I have done wrong to think about their own.Today, however, say this does not make sense, I just want to tell you and Dad, I want to change a marriage with you is not the same way, regardless of the final is a tragedy, I will not complain, will not regret it.”
  ”You, you’re mad at me deliberately want!”Yixin Lan shaking with anger, fiercely to get rid of her hand.
  After you If against me and Qiyang married, you decide; “Dad, you if it does not oppose it, trouble you agree wedding 南宁夜网date with Qi Jia: Song Sisi holding the wrist, mouth moved, smiled and rushed look complicated Song Jin Tao tell me.I will return to the hospital, I want to watch tonight.”
  Song Sisi Having left.
  Yixin Lan burst into crying, helpless Neo.
  Original Song Jin frowned, suddenly Chong Song and Ming said: “You go back to military school to find your sister-in-law talk.”
  Neo not react, Yixin Lan suddenly exclaimed: “Do not g

ed embarrasse杭州夜网d to put away the hammer and began racking their brains to think, how to find myself the reasons explained with Gu Xuanzhi?

  To Gu Xuanzhi that violent temper, would listen to him explain it?
  Professor Niu Xiu He can not help to think too much, Gu Xuanzhi been murderously rushed to the mountain, her concept of God all rolled out, feeling all the vegetation changes in rocks of the mountains, found a good layout original ‘picturesque’ pattern has杭州龙凤论坛 not been destruction, this little relieved.
  ”Professor Niu, what are you doing?”
  ”I was promised to the mountains you do research, how you are with me promise?”
  ”Did you say, just do not knock?”
  ”I invested so much money to build the park, you come to Tinker bang bang to knock a pass, how can spoil someone else’s hard work?”
  Professor Niu Xiu it was Gu Xuanzhi of this series of rapid-fire question was a little ignorant.He lost embarrassed laugh, “Gu boss, not ah, I just carry the杭州桑拿洗浴 hammer today, do not knock!One did not knock, a hammer did not move it!”
  ”Because research is needed, we have to beat back a fossil, carefully observed under a microscope after ground into flakes.I’m also quite upset ah!”
  ”Our paper he sent some of the microscopic evidence corroborated, to knock a small piece, so as not to?Do not worry, in the paper part, we specifically noted these fossil origin, be to you the fish dragon theme parks to advertise, as you do not?”
  Gu Xuanzhi look of speechless, “I want you to advertise in the paper Shayong?Now you just come such a point, I would have not prevented ten million anti-anti, and after I have more to geology, you also to let me go on this theme park opened?”
  ”Professor Niu, we understand the words, from now on, none of you can not take a hammer mountains, not to destroy the la

acts?Whether the patient isolation?Everything is unknown.

  Luoxue decisive, direct road, members of the “third set and I first went to the hospital, the hospital side first contact simple blockade; a second set of wr深圳桑拿网itten materials and reports submitted applications blockade; to continue to study the first group to leave, be sure to speed up , message waiting for me, is to determine if the virus, immediately contact?Institute of State, Z country and ask them to visit the Shanghai Stock Exchange.”
  Luoxue paused before the next road, “one day have to do, where to do it again to check the first set, came back I want to see everyone’s medical report.”
  Inside the Institute unprecedented dignified atmosphere –
  National samples of the virus have only Qinghe study, leaked the virus, if not Qinghe Institute, then that migrants bring, but a week ago, the Green River Institute had sent the people to participate in the discussion of CZQ8 virus will, and field trips disease.
  No matter from which side, and this matter will not escape the relationship of the Institute of Qinghe.
  ”A more?Your trip to Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange her深圳桑拿网e appears to be the first cases of infection CZQ8 virus, I am sure of is seventy percent CZ .”
  Luoxue hung up the phone, just only half an hour away from the Qinghe Institute of Road Hospital, a pedestrian direct air generally broke into the hospital.

Road research of Chapter 43 school girls seventeen Pa
  Qinghe Hospital Research Institute and the Shanghai stock market has been a good relationship, many successful research results will be the first time Qinghe Institute for Clinical above the Shanghai stock market is a hospital, especially a lot of heavy difficult disease, it is precisely because of Qinghe Institute of ex

the dungeon torches, illuminating the depths of the dungeon.

  ”Sure enough, the girl had anticipated Qi.”Fifth left hook lip smiles.
  ”Qi girl really outstanding resourcefulness.”North Tanzhu boast the same hand.
  Vice Tanzhu with five left behind stepped forward, reached out to the man in black face cloth ripped off.
  Black people face exposed to the fire, east Tanzhu face a change, “Chen, vice Tanzhu?Are you really.”This man was his right-hand man杭州夜网, deputy Tanzhu East Forum.
  Chen, vice Tanzhu look very ugly, Yin Zhi Heng Yu eyes fell on him, “Qi Heng-yu is not it, you see through the trick of how lord?Moon teaches the main hall can not be used, sooner or later one day to dissipate the clouds of history.”
  ”Winner takes all, I’d think you would go to see you soon after that my lord.”North Tanzhu sneered.
  Left five: “If you explain to us what you lord of that, perhaps we can spare your life.”
  Chen, vice list administrator laugh loudly, swallowing the tongue hidden poison gas slowly with no way out.
  After looking at the East Tanzhu familiar people slowly go down, eyes closed, slow the slow mood to hand over Yu Heng said: “Sure enough, as expected Qi girl next admire.The position of the moon priest, and I’m the youngest speed connection, voluntary Tuiweirangxian, support Q广州桑拿网i girl boarded the leader of.”
  He altar as a list administrator, although Qi Heng-yu is not very cold, but speed connection or can do.
  His words, the list administrator south, north Tanzhu face has some good looks.
  Before it dates back three days.
  Xue sail true identity were punctured, and Qi Heng Yu Ling back yard where they live.Sit under the pavilion, Qi Ling holding a bowl of green bean had just taken out of the well slowly drinking, “Teacher, kill your adoptive father’s murderer h

t.She looked blankly Yan Wei asked: “Yan Wei, if you are working for yourself, then this hostel.”

  Yan Wei opened entrance of light from the light warm yellow cast on top of, to Yan Wei plated with a layer of light.He turned and looked at Jojo Zhou said: 南宁夜网“This is our home.”
  What does it mean?it goes without saying.
  Jojo whole week people stay out, smashed suit苏州夜网es down from the sky directly overhead smash the week Jojo.Although only a small single apartment, but still ignorant of the week Jojo.
  We have a room?Suddenly to have a family room?
  This is the week Jojo was the only idea that she has her own home!
  Jojo Zhou Yan Wei took the door, he sat on the porch there, head down list Jojo de-week sports shoe laces, natural mouth and said: “I really like this suite, I like this little house, regardless of the day at any time, where are you.I can know in time.And where I am, you can find at any time.This is good!”
  Jojo looked Zhou Yan Wei’s head, ah channel: “very good.”
  Fee Yufei really do not want to see Yan Wei, he is simply a demon, online news these days about the stone Soja one by one.
  Stone Soja is now advertising push, and push the TV, movies push, push variety, as long as苏州桑拿网 her contract, all flew like snowflakes on his desk.
  Yu-fei fee is simply a head two big companies spend so much energy to train up the stone Soja, today’s first large flow flowers, so scrap it?
  Yan Wei is just a telephone, put her waste!
  Yu-fei fee simply grab the heart lung uncomfortable ah Rao!As a result, not uncomfortable for a while, they received a phone secretary, said Yan always ask to see.
  ”Strict total?Which Yan total?”
  Secretary of strange to say: “It came yesterday that strict total ah!”
  Yu-fei fly almost cost his chair, he said: “I, I know that road, you ente

you go busy bar.”Wen nine knew he was a small club Luc Herbs Court, that is the boss, s上海419论坛uch a person usually must be busy, he personally received them, have been very grateful for the warm nine.

  She quickly polite with Lu Liang said goodbye.
  Some of the side of the king dispensers do not understand.
  Usually such a thing acquisitions herbs, all he came to the shop with the manMake arrangements, how small club today but take an interest in this thing to?
  Is it in front of the two village women it is a small club of friends?Can not quite imagine how it all ah!
  Wang Wen nine with Liu Zhangshi treasurer of identity could not help but wonder up, but he was not a good person to ask, because it is a small club told the king treasurer also not neglect, he smiled and asked:
  ”Girl, you have any kind of medicine, I first look at it?”
  Wang treasurer attitude than before rejuvenation synagogues good guys do not know 杭州桑拿洗浴how many times, warm heart for nine Luks impression a lot of good Herbs Pavilion.
  She also wanted to make the deal, will 北京风月网not say nonsense, and quickly took out the skullcap from the baskets in.
  ”King treasurer, you look at my skullcap this worth a pound?”
  See Wen nine, handing me the skullcap, Wang suddenly stunned treasurer.
  He did this line pharmacy nearly three decades, from apprentice worked until dispensers, skullcap is not handled on jin have on extremely heavy, but he was so good the first time to see the product phase, such a large skullcap.
  ”Wen girl, these skullcap Where did you dig it?”King treasurer asked, curious.
  Because usually there are many surrounding villagers come here to sell herbs, may also never get such a good person to sell over skullcap.

  046 price is not appropriate

  This child digging herbs sell for money, getting money i

ang Daming’s looking pretty, while other students see the play read, and also ready to flash people.

  Just then, a small courier brother trotted over, sweeping Huang Daming, smiled and said: “Huang students, you express!”
  Huang Daming at the Department of History of Shaw House for three南宁桑拿论坛 years, express little brother I know him.
  When Huang Daming took delivery smiled, looking down look above the column blank sender, pupil suddenly shrunk, then raised his head, a puzzled look: “I recently did online shopping, this is who sent come, how no sender?”
  Words successfully brought back everyone’s curiosity, several students about to step into the classroom building subconsciously I looked back at him.
  Then I saw, Yung Shen Huang Daming calmly smiled and said: “Look at what the baby, which is not what I prize it?”
  His mouth he opened the courier, then unsightly pile of photos scattered on the ground.A man and a woman on the photo are intertwined in various postures cause blush.Only man in the photo is different, there are fat have thin, high and low, old and young, the only common denominator is that these men have 广州桑拿网grown very insignificant, action is also very dirty.
  In contrast, the woman in the photo is only one, and we are very familiar.
  All students are uniform look to Shen Yung, some frown, an expression of disgust, and some spectacular look, there’s very confused, skeptical.
  And Huang Daming since the stack of photos off the ground, because he seems to hit too much, even if unable to speak, and just watching北京风月网 Shen Yung eyes with disbelief, anger eyes, tangled intertwined.
  A long time, he asked out loud from the throat: “Ah Yung, you.Why did you do this to me?I was so loss of trust you, you have all my life!”
  When stacked from floor photo, Shen Yung have a heart care.
  The original owner’s memory has such a stack of photos, but Well, it may be easy to use framed the original owners and Li Yang will be private.The original stack of photos in school and did not come in handy, but finally handed over to the original owner of her father.Her father saw