Seasonal melon is a good summer partner for the elderly

Seasonal melon is a good summer partner for the elderly

In the summer, the elderly should eat more melons in a healthy life, and the summer is hot. The diet of the elderly should be heat-clearing, cooling off, detoxification, quenching thirst, and diuretic as well. Seasonal fruits are good partners for the summer.

  Watermelon is the first of the melons and fruits. It has both edible value and high medical value. It is a good product for summer heat, thirst quenching and diuresis. The folks have the name of “natural white tiger soup”.

When it comes to hot heat, especially fever, it is more effective to distribute watermelon to sleep than to cool the ice pack.

But watermelon is cold, and you can’t eat too much at one time.

  Cucumber is the most nutritious species of melon, and it is known as the “Ji Shiliang Medicine”.

Regular consumption of foods that are beneficial for excreting high blood pressure in the body is beneficial for reducing diabetes.

In particular, the lips are often dry and the throat is dry. It is very effective to eat raw cucumbers with fruits.

  Melon vitamin B.

Skin, meat can be used as medicine, folks have “winter melons into the household, do not enter the drug shop”.

Poor urination, drinking winter melon soup is most effective.

The old man is indigestion in the summer, using melon and lotus seeds, lily and duck to cook soup, can cool the appetizer.

  Loofah can be antipyretic, through meridians, and phlegm.

Use loofah, almonds and chicken feet to cook soup, tonic and dehumidification.

Summer scorpion, if you take the loofah juice orally, you can cool the blood and detoxify.

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