Then Qiao Tianyu firmly picked up the phone.
First0032chapter Crazy match
This first call,Called Rubin, President of Morgan Stanley’s Operation and Investment Department。
“Uncle Rubin,Immediately enter the market under the name of Morgan Stanley,Eat every Jonathan Copper stock on the market,Give me the stock price6.2USD per share!”
Since I have something to say first,Rubin doesn’t have any nonsense,Immediately use Morgan Stanley’s huge transaction funds to enter the market and sweep the market。
Just the first time Rubin led Motorsports into the market,Lehman Trading Center on the third floor of the World Trade Center,Then keenly monitored the wind and grass,I immediately reported it to Junji Sato who was in charge.。
“Mr. Sato!Morgan Stanley suddenly sweeps shares of Jonathan Copper in the NYSE!”
“Damo?Humph!court death!”
Sato’s face showed a disdainful smile,Now he doesn’t pay attention to Da Mo。
To know,After two days of bombing,Jonathan Copper’s share price is almost cut in half,Market panic has formed。
In addition, Lehman is backed by a strong Bahrain Bank,Sato is confident that even if Morgan Stanley is strong,Also unable to recover。
“Smash me!Smashed hard!Knocked me out!”Sato Junji unscrupulously gave a crazy order。
Lehman trading desk in NYSE takes immediate action,Throwing crazy in ten minutes60010,000 shares of Jonathan Copper。
At the same time short retail investors follow up,The number of stocks sold is also as high as400Ten thousand shares,The number of sell-offs on the market has been as high as1000Ten thousand shares。
On the other side,Known as“Financial wolf”The title Rubin is not scared by the short-headed madness at all。
He opened his blood basin and mouthed,Put on the market1000Ten thousand shares of Jonathan Copper’s shares are all eaten,Nailed the stock price6.2USD!
In the New York Stock Exchange,The short camp led by Lehman and the long camp led by Morgan Stanley collided violently,Chaos within the New York Stock Exchange。

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