“Then the design draft will stay with me,Never allowed to take home。I have to take a good rest when I go home。Chasing drama and eating snacks is what you should do。”

“How can I bear to let you go home with the design draft,Put your head and draw in the study?”
Lin Yoona was so happy,I didn’t expect Xiao Fan to care so much about this matter and not let himself go home to practice design。
Then Yoona Lin continued to tease Xiao Fan and tell him:“Then I really stayed in your office,Won’t affect your office?”
“If you ask the staff in the company to report to you later,I’m just listening to them, won’t they be nervous??”
Xiao Fan said:“If you don’t even have this psychological quality,Are you still worthy to work in our Lin Group??”
“That’s also。”
Xiao Fan continued to tell her:“So stay here at ease,If you are tired of painting,Then I will take you out,I will take you shopping。”
“If not tired,You continue to draw。If you don’t want to go shopping,You can also appreciate your husband’s prosperous beauty。”
Lin Yuner laughed out loud,And then said:“Why are you so narcissistic now?Actually boasting that he is a beautiful face?”
Xiao Fan said:“I’m telling the truth,Don’t you think?Such a handsome face,Aren’t you fascinated by it?”
“Yes Yes Yes,I am really fascinated by Zhi,Fascinated。”
“Hahahahahaha。”Two people laughed loudly。
At this time, the people in the president’s office near the office were shocked to hear the laughter in Xiao Fan’s office。
They could hear the mixed laughter of a man and a woman and they knew that this was Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er,But I really didn’t expect this couple to be so happy together,The laughter almost spread all over the top floor。

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