This is not conceited,The fact is!

If anyone thinks because he is young,So I want to bully,I am afraid that a corresponding price must be paid。
Since Mengdie is here,Naturally, I have to inquire about the situation at the moment,After all, there is such a good opportunity,If you don’t use it, there is something wrong。
Talking about this,Mengdie showed a confused expression。
“how,Is there a problem??”
“There is no big problem,It’s just that I always feel a little strange。”
Dream Butterfly finished,Cast members from other families on the screen,Although the level of these people is also holy,,But compared with the previous fight,It’s too weak。
Among Liu’s contestants,The most powerful is a guy named Liu Zhenwei,He is not bad among the Liu family,Stepped into the Holy Land three years ago,The strength is around the fifth rank,It’s a good master in normal times。
It’s just that it’s a bit too shabby at the fight,After all, this is the battle ranking that represents the prosperity of the North Sea。
As for the others, it’s not much better。
The leader of the Chen family is a guy named Chen Daoming,The realm is also between the fourth and fifth products,Except for each other,The people behind the Chen family are even worse,The overall strength is only about two or three products。
Even because of the previous events,To reduce their backbone,This is not the case。
“Brother Xia,Do you think this is a trap,Deliberately released***Deal with you too much。”Dream Butterfly thought of a possibility,Said with a frown。

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