Angel International Resort、A meeting room

Lena wears a black coat,The overall style tends to be stable,Just sit there and look at Angel Yan on the opposite side,As for the two angels behind Angel Yan,Was ignored by her。
Yes,Just ignored,Not enough level。
Angel Yan,Holy Kesha’s Left Guard,Angel prince。
Lena,The main god of the Lieyang civilization。
The identity of two people can be regarded as equal dialogue,The two angels behind this,In Lena’s eyes,It’s no different from Xiaoyi。
“Something that interrupted you,You won’t skip and hit me,little girl!”Angel Yan is worthy of being Angel Yan,One exit,Can directly irritate some bad tempered people。
Although Lena is a little angry,But not furious。
“of course not,old woman!”
One sentence,Two people are tied。
“came here,I suddenly remembered that I made a regretful decision today,Think now,Hey!”Lena directly opposes the guest,Speak。
“tell me the story,I think the goddess Lena wouldn’t mind telling us about your regrets.!”Angel Yan smiled sincerely,If you ignore the playfulness in her eyes,Treat her as sincere。
“of course can,There are many things to pay attention to sharing,Of course I am not that petty goddess!”Saw Angel Yan got the bait,Lena’s smile became brighter。
“At noon today,Xin Zhao heard that I am coming to see you,Then I want to follow me。I refused at the time,Think now,I really shouldn’t refuse his kindness。
Xin Zhao,It’s the last time the Crocodile Thornton appeared,Then the man in black armor,Ok,I seem to want to see this angel’s skirt~Bottom guy,Do you guys still remember!”
As soon as this said,The angel chased directly to lift the table。
The smile on Angel Yan’s face paused,Just continue“Which guy are you talking about last time?,It’s quite interesting,Although the personality is a little bit nasty,But he is a very smart person。

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