at this point,Can only deal with it calmly,Watch it change,Li Tianchou nodded to Zhao Yong,“It’s this。Out of oil,Plan to get it back in two days。”

Zhao Yong is satisfied,“I should remember now what you did yesterday?”
“I told you,See friends,No one found。”
Zhao Yong is not angry,Shook his head with regret,“young people,Such non-cooperation will hurt yourself。In fact, we already have a lot of clues,The reason why I ask you,The main reason is to give you a chance to reform,But your attitude is like giving up this opportunity。”
“Thank you Officer Zhao,I will cooperate。But you have to tell me what to say?”Li Tianchou is smarter this time,Stroke along the hair,Anyway, just don’t follow your beat。
Zhao Yong snorted,Seems to have lost patience,“No coffin, no tears,Tell me how long you stayed there,When did you come back?”
“I can’t remember,Too tired at the time,Also slept。It was already night when I came back anyway。”
Zhao Yong watched the young policeman finish recording,Very happy,“Hey,Hurry up。You have been like this,I don’t have to scribble with you。Next, let’s talk about your motive and process of killing。”
kill?Li Tianchou looked cold,Never thought that the other party was so insidious,I dug such a big trap and waited for myself。This opponent is so hot,If you don’t make a move,I didn’t leave any chance for myself。Who would this person be?I’m afraid I can’t do it with Chen Bin’s ability,Is it Sun Guaizi??Or Liang Shaotian?
Li Tianchou regretted taking it lightly,Always guard against opponents on the level of dancing guns and sticks,But rarely consider it from another angle。Actually as early as Zhou Nan was in a bad situation,The other party’s methods have begun to emerge。Now I want to understand,Why the police force is so complicated,Why is Zhou Nan so anxious to cooperate with herself,He was really helpless,Not how awesome I am。
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine Bad luck
String together the whole event,The main opponent hiding behind should be Sun Guaizi,Liang Shaotian is also the main enemy,But the strength is too far behind。
It seems,The culprit behind the scenes that I have been looking for for a long time finally surfaced,This old gangster couldn’t help but start to bark his fangs。Li Tianchou is thinking about countermeasures nervously,But helpless,Can’t find any good solution in a short time,I can only fight with this Officer Zhao to the end。
“Officer Zhao,I’m just a worker,No need to scare me like this,Killing is not a child’s play。”
“Yoha,Here again?I never frighten people,Let’s lay out the facts and bases,You did it,You can’t escape。Since I know that killing is not a child’s play,Why did you go?”Zhao Yong is serious,No joking。
“Row,Present the facts。Who was killed?Where was killed?You can’t make up out of thin air?”Li Tianchou hates Zhao Yong’s way of questioning,Squeeze toothpaste little by little to induce you,Just come to a series of rhetorical questions。
“Still stiff,Do not get rid of。”Zhao Yong shook his head and returned to his seat,I picked up another photo to show Li Tianchou,“This person is dead,Do I need to make up?”

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