The two talked and laughed together,There are so many people at noon,A lot of this matter has spread throughout the school。

Someone even took pictures of the two eating,Matching case,Compliment two golden boys and girls。
Wen Yunyun naturally arranged all this。
But no one knows。
At this moment, she is complacent about her achievements。
And the warmth of being another party,Don’t know,Even if I know,Don’t care。
How to make money,Fuck the mother and daughter,She is interested。
First24chapter News is too hot
Since the last time I saw warm and warm contact with Wang Zhenjie,The more Wen Yunyun looks at her, the less pleasing she is。
“mom!Blame that bitch!She was against me on purpose!”
Wen Yunyun thought that someone would praise warmth and dare to love and hate,I won’t be angry。
Yu Shan glared at her,Some hate iron but not steel。
“Why aren’t you smart?”
Thinking of her dare to disobey herself,Yu Shan’s face is so hard to see where。
“Do you think that little bitch’s hoof seems to have changed??”

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