Only in this way can we really do these things well,Otherwise,Have time to really improve your abilities,Next thing,Actually Xiao Fan also knows what the two of them should do。

So I won’t tell them all,The rest has been arranged for them,As for what they need to improve,Isn’t it what Xiao Fan should worry about?,So Xiao Fan also knows that sometimes they need to plan independently。
Some things I should plan,Did not stay long after get off work,Because he also wants to see Lin Yoona,I don’t know how Lin Yoona is doing recently,Although he left for just a few days。
But I don’t know if Lin Yoona can take good care of herself at home,Is there any other situation?,So this matter is actually the most important thing for Xiao Fan,Then he went straight home。
Lin Yoona also stayed at home obediently listening to Xiao Fan,Because he was afraid that he would drag Xiao Fan back,Make Xiao Fan worry about not being able to complete what he should do,Lin Yuner has always been a considerate person。
So Xiao Fan asked her to do what she did,Besides, staying at home can handle company affairs,Nor can I delay my work because of some other things,Have fun too,As long as Xiao Fan can rest assured。
Then she is happy to do anything,She doesn’t want Xiao Fan to worry about him,Or think she can’t take good care of herself,Xiao Fan has always worried about him,In that case, I can’t do some of the things I should do well.。
Xiao Fan is always worried about Lin Yoona,Lin Yoona hopes that things like this will never happen again,Only then can they continue to do some of the things they continue to do,So for them。
Actually, they all understand each other,After Xiao Fan went back, he saw Lin Yun’er sitting on the sofa smiling and waiting for him,Lin Yuner told Xiao Fan:“You’re back,How about the task recently?
Is there any difficulty or do you find anything particularly difficult?,If it does, is there a good solution??Are you tired?Has the matter been resolved smoothly this time??Where are Yiming and Chu Yao。
Did the two of them complete the task or were they injured??Why didn’t you tell me these things,I don’t know how you are going abroad these days,I’m worried at home。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Nothing big,Our mission is progressing smoothly,I just didn’t think about what those people thought,Must impose one’s own pain on others,It’s incredible。
So I have to solve the problem here before I can come back?And those few people are really,Makes people feel weird,In fact, their strength consciousness is really strong。
Otherwise, I wouldn’t go abroad because of such a trivial matter and really talk to them about it.,And I always value their abilities,I hope they can reform themselves。
But they didn’t really do what they should do,And I keep taking things for granted,So what should I do?,Don’t they know it in their hearts??
I’m going to talk to them this time,They even ambush to hurt me,But how can I be easily hurt by others,It’s just overpowering。
But I really don’t understand why these people must impose their pain on others,So people are really different,I hope they can really do some good things with their own strength。
Otherwise, it won’t be where it is today,I’ve been worried for so many years,Can really do some things well,So this event is actually a growth for each of them。
I can accomplish these things through my own plan instead of just relying on some of my things,The two of them can also plan how they should do these things。
I also feel very satisfied. This is a big improvement for them,And I always pay attention to their safety. If they are in danger, I will definitely rush to rescue them as soon as possible.。

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