Captain shouted,Attract attention straight ahead。

Extraordinary characteristics,Aura gauze attached to the whole body,Can resist the flame temperature of the flame lion,Great help to the battle。
Two people on one side nodded,At the same time rushing towards the Flame Lion,The guy who felt the attack did not evade,Turned and jumped into the air,The huge lion’s claws went directly to the two。
The moment this behemoth leapt,Can really give people a terrible sense of oppression,Not to mention the power from the opponent,Just rely on a bunch of meat and bones,I’m afraid there are unimaginable powers!
The two didn’t expect this guy to be afraid of them at all,Dare to head to head。
One paw per person,Gritted your teeth。
Just a bump,Let the two retreat directly,Glide for several meters before stopping。
no way,Its own combat power is too strong。
“Livestock,court death!”
Captain shot,The dazzling yellow aura is attached to the big knife,Make this weapon made of black iron look domineering。
“Strike Tianshan!”
Use the mysterious low-level martial arts as soon as you come up,It seems that I want a quick fight,This is a good choice。
Xia Chenglong watching from a distance,That flame lion is not stupid,Since facing a transcendent martial artist,,Dare to turn around and attack other people,It’s not that simple。

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