Xia Jian looked at this note,He couldn’t help but curse:“I fuck you uncle”He just finished scolding,I think it’s all his fault,Obviously they came to the door,But he wants to pretend to be a gentleman。He suddenly understood a truth,Why which little hooligans,The girls are beautiful。

Xia Jian put the note into the belt of the belt,Maybe someone really needs help someday,Anyway,This Aju is also a lover among women。
Quit the room,Had a casual meal on the side of the road,Xia Jian asked,Got on very smoothlySZBus。Thinking about meeting Chen Xia,Xia Jian has an indescribable excitement。
Looking at the beautiful view outside the window,Xia Jian couldn’t help but remember when he came to Shenzhen,An accident,Almost buried his bones here,Thanks to Wang Lin’s great help,He Xia Jian has today,So the person he can’t live up to in this life is Wang Lin。
Thinking about things,This time flies quickly,When the car stopped,When the whole car goes down,Xia Jian only realizedSZHas arrived。
After getting off,Xia Jian took a taxi and went directly to where Chen Xia went to work,Here he has been,So I found it soon。Xia Jian found a relatively hidden corner and squatted down,There are still more than 20 minutes before get off work,According to Chen Xia’s own statement,She usually eats out after get off work,I don’t know if she will come out today。
The sun is big and poisonous,Xia Jian only squatted for a while,I feel sweaty on my cheeks。Finally got through more than 20 minutes,With a ring of electric bells after get off work,The factory door opened slowly,Kung fu in a blink of an eye,Employees who are off work flow like water and come。Xia Jian secretly cried out,Even if Chen Xia is out,He can’t see it either!
In order not to miss meeting with Chen Xia,Xia Jian can still fight,He stood up,Walked to the factory gate,Craned his neck and looked,Lest Chen Xia pass him by。
quickly,Flow of people from big to small,No one came out in the end,Xia Jian turned around a little disappointed,at this time,A red car came from outside,It looks like I want to enter the factory。
Xia Jian put his body on one side,To make way for the car,Unexpectedly, the car stopped suddenly when it drove to him。Xia Jian thought,Can’t you drive in such a wide road?
“Xia Jian!is it you?Please get in the car”The car window glass is lowered,Chen Xia stretched her head out。
This is an unexpected surprise,Xia Jian never thought,When he was most disappointed,Hope came。Xia Jian was a little pleased to pull the car door and sit on it。
Chen Xia didn’t talk much,But quickly turned the car around,When the car is far away from the factory entrance,Chen Xia smiled and asked:“When did you arrive?Won’t wait a long time!”
“No,I just waited for more than 20 minutes“Xia Jian said,Involuntarily wiped the sweat on his forehead、
Chen Xia sees it,Busy turning on the air conditioner in the car,She took a breath and said:“Your business Wang Ling isQQTold me earlier,I don’t think the police will find me here,But for safety,We’d better be careful“
“Ok!Also trouble you,I’m sorry“Xia Jian couldn’t help but sighed。

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