“really,In a different chaotic world,Enlightenment is different,The more you have,So that it is easier to comprehend chaos。”

“even,In a normal chaotic world,Walk through the water,Fire of Heaven,It is impossible to become a god of the world without a special chance,But walking in many chaotic worlds,It is possible。”
indeed so,Because in a normal chaotic world,Only the Chaos Heavenly Dao is the world-level Dao。
Only some special worlds,For example, a chaotic world is full of flames,Then the flame heaven in this world may be particularly powerful,Comparable to chaos。
but,After all, it is a very few special world。
And travel through many chaotic worlds,But can see the difference‘Fire to heaven’。Even with‘Five Elements’The world as a foundation,Its fire and heaven are all different。
Partially comprehend the difference,You can increase your own perception of that heaven。
Even when I have a deep understanding,sufficient‘support’One world time,Naturally step into the world。
This Tianyuan Chaos World,The basic foundation is the three heavens, earth and sea。
The way of heaven,It includes part of the water and heaven in the Three Realms,Avenue of Wind、Leidian Avenue waits for more avenues。
Earth and heaven,Similar to Tuhang,But also contains a lot of gold,Fire line,The mystery of Muxing。
The Way of Man,It is similar to the heavenly way of the heart in the world of chaos,There are also some mysterious aspects of life。
And reincarnation,The effect is similar to the destruction of the heavens of the Three Realms,But Li Ming seems to be more similar to the enhanced version of Avenue of Life and Death。
In fact,Li Ming smiled before,It’s because I have realized the reincarnation heaven。
of course,That’s because Li Ming had‘Power of life and death’The mystery of the fifth realm,This kind of essential mystery is common to different chaotic worlds。According to the standards of this Tianyuan World,Generally, first understand the way of reincarnation,After mastering the power of life and death in the fifth realm。
Li Ming himself has already built a house,Just a few hundred years,It’s not surprising to master the reincarnation of this world。
“After fully mastering a heaven,It’s easier to motivate the world in this world。and,Some of the mysteries learned in it are displayed with the white jade fairy sword,The power has also increased by about five layers。”
The practice of this day is over,Li Ming closes the door of the martial arts hall,But a lean young man was left by Li Ming。

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