“your people?”

Lan Youmeng frowned,Asked Long Qi。
“Why do I need so many people?Invite these two audiences??”
Long Qi rolled his eyes,The Dragon Group will indeed receive unconditional support from local authorities when performing its tasks.,But this is a surveillance task,Afraid of being undetected by the target?That’s why I found so many people?
“Could it be someone armed with your God?Take advantage of the fire,Attack it,Aren’t all you good at?”Long Qi glanced at Lan Youmeng,Said lightly。
“I’m here for your Huaxia vacation,personal behavior,Not a group tour!”
Facing the doubts raised by Dragon Seven,Lan Youmeng also replied with no anger。
“Not yours,Not mine either……”
Long Qi sighed helplessly,And when I look up again,There was inexplicable excitement in his eyes。
Lan Youmeng probably already understood what Long Qi meant,Not a member of the security department,Not a man armed with God,Then the unity will deal with potential threats。
Regardless of protecting Xiang Chen from killing Zhu Guosheng,Still have the opposite purpose。No matter who they work for,Appear this time,I can only count them as unlucky!
Lan Youmeng will not let Xiang Chen have an accident,And the Dragon Seven who witnessed a fight between gods,I also need a fight to prove that I am still alive。
Take out the tiger tooth dagger,Although traveling in China, the possibility of carrying weapons is minimal,But for professionals,Hide one or two self-defense little things,It won’t be difficult to climb to the sky。
Long Qi looked at Lan Youmeng,Smiled,It seems to be mocking Lan Youmeng and using weapons。
Lan Youmeng also saw the mockery in Long Qi’s eyes,Said something indifferent“I want to marry,Can’t get hurt easily!”
Lan Youmeng smiled at Long Qi,Looked up and down Long Qi,The latter also subconsciously followed Lan Youmeng’s eyes,His eyes fell on Lan Youmeng,Long Qi understands the meaning of the other party。
It’s not easy to get hit by someone,The angry dragon Qi directly punched the man in black who rushed over。
Those people in black who rushed over did not reveal their identity,Then no need to keep your hands,Plus Lan Youmeng’s stimulation of Long Qi’s speech,It also provides an infinite bonus to the punch that Dragon Qi hits。

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