And the fourth game、The same result in the fifth game,Seeing the situation on the court5:0,Was quickly pulled by Qiao Tianyu5:5,Andre wants to cry without tears,I lost my temper at all by being beaten。

Andre believes that with his own chess skills,Even Karpov, the number one player in world history, could not do this,Why did you capsize Qiao Tianyu in the gutter today?,What’s the matter?
Andre has never been hit so hard in his life,He who doubts life,Even started to plan to quit the chess world!
“how about it,Andre,Dare to go down?”Qiao Tianyu asked with a smile。
“ it?”Andre’s body is already wet with sweat,Like fished out of the water,Completely lost the spirit。
“and many more!”
But at this moment,A majestic and low voice suddenly came from the entrance of the hall,Attracted the attention of everyone present。
Everyone looked in the direction of the sound,I saw a rich figure,The majestic middle-aged man walked in。
And this middle-aged man is not someone else,It is the first chess player in world history that the Chinese civil society insisted to meet just now、Winner of ten consecutive chess kings—Karpov.
First0141chapter Destroy the chess god
Originally, the China Folk Association cried and shouted to see the old chess king Karpov,But since I was squashed by Andre just now,Finally honest,Even if I saw Karpov, I dare not move。
See the teacher coming,Andre suddenly regained his confidence,Hurriedly express to the teacher,“do not worry,I will definitely win the next game!”
“Do not!”Karpov came over,Patted Andre on the shoulder,Comfort road,“Andre,You have done well,Qiao Tianyu came prepared,You can’t beat him today!”
I’ll wipe it!

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