He just wanted to watch the old fox suffer,The miserable look at his feet,Such a scum can’t torture him well,It’s really hard to calm Qin Feng’s heart。

The old fox was still struggling and roaring,Angrily shout at Qin Feng,Then it slowly turned into a curse,“You bastard,Give me the antidote,Otherwise you won’t die。”
Qin Feng was not moved by the curse in his mouth,Just holding the syringe and looking at him,The face is still calm,Even brought a little smile。
Then the hard old fox,Slowly screamed and exhausted,The whole person slid downstairs,sit on the floor,Shaking the iron fence with both hands,Said to Qin Feng,“Please,Give me the antidote。”
Qin Feng looked at the syringe in his hand,Said slowly,“Not sincere enough,What i said just now?”
So the old fox couldn’t stand it anymore,He bit his lip,The whole person knelt in front of Qin Feng,Creeping towards Qin Feng and said,“Please give me the antidote。”
Qin Feng sneered while watching,Just threw the syringe in,Hit the old fox。
After the old fox saw the syringe,There was hope and excitement on his face,He quickly grabbed the syringe,Trembling hands opened the needle cover。
Take the syringe and slam it hard on his arm,Push all the liquid inside into your body,Then he raised his head to face the dim ceiling,Seems extremely refreshing“what”With a。
After Qin Feng watched it,I don’t want to stay any longer,But the antidote on the hand,Threw it into the fence and turned around。There is still inside the fence
Immersed in the bliss that this syringe brings.Old fox in heaven。
After Qin Feng walked to the old fox’s original room,I saw him standing outside the door, staring at him blankly,Muzi clenched with fists。
Qin Feng didn’t look surprised after seeing Muzi,But to him,“how?Can’t bear?I just keep returning to him what your master did to them,This is what he deserves。”
Qin Feng turned around after speaking,Ignoring Muzi who is still standing still。
Muzi listened to the desperate roar of his master below,The same pain in my heart。
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Chapter six hundred and forty two Broken body

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