Just after the Chu Deiren became a collaborator,The old people still can’t sit still,Take a total of heart:Young man does not speak Lend!Sound of the voice,Bullying our Ya Ya!

This opportunity,The old is no longer polite,Began to work together。
Recovered the pattern of thirteen anti-king,Although“Human king”Shock three earthquakes,But with a bullying、The momentum lost,It is equivalent to admitting the temporary collar of the Chu Deirers.。
Crouch changes,Bonfire every time,It seems that Wang Jiangshan does not guarantee……
But just at this time,The Chu Deeman has once again high-profile——Now the Chu Deirers have already played、Peak moment!
After all, play、Put this kind of thing,There is always an ensemble,It is easy to sublimate from the limit,And now the old ensemble、Especially the ensemble with some of the pliers,Just make Chu Dee“war”Be brave。
At this time, if there is an outcome,Chu Deirers’,Along with tune,I have seen a twisted light shadow……
Eventually after the big half of the rivers,“Human king”Water battle,Breaking the siege of thief anti-thieves,Retrade!
Although I can’t re-wash the river,But the anti-king of each road has also been 黔 技,Hide hide,Honorrhea……
Along with the long sound of the climax,Chu Deirers’ sorrow。
At this time, Chu Deirers also face red,Obviously, in the blow,Real gas is too stirring。
Thirteen old guys join hands,The target is the month!
If it is a frontal hand,Chu Deirers are not their enemy,Even afraid of good at group,I can’t stand this realm.、There must be your own base card——You must know the moon《Ming Yucheng》It is also good at one enemy.。
I really want an enemy thirteen,Chu Deiren’s only win,It is at sea、Boat on the enemy——As long as you fall into the sea,Chu Deirers are the home advantage,And a group of old man,Physical strength is not as good as Chu Deirers……
However, in the words of the sound of the tone,Just Chu Deirers are not only under pressure,Extraordinary、Further,And it is also dominant.!
It doesn’t seem to work.、Tone,唢唢 in ordinary play,Also good at“grab”cPosition。
As a result,Even a short creative creation of Chu Deirers,suppress“Sunset”Situation!
Just imagine,There are thirteen old age gonsters that add up one thousand years old.,A young man is blowing,All suppressed——What domineering is this?
Let Chu deer have a species“Boxing South China Nursing Home”a feeling of……
“it is good!Sure enough hero!”Mi 10th does not say praise。
He just drums,The shirt of the shirt hurts.,Never stay。
“Zhou Beijun……Hey!This name,You can’t bear it.!”Ghost boy, at this time, panting。
His musical instrument,It is the flute of the East East.“Feet eight”。
Ghost children before coming to the Heroes Island,All the year round is connected in Dongpu,But he is not Dongpu locals。
But because the body is short,Careful in the middle of the earth,This went to the east of the child.……
Liu Sheng is, this is a good gene in the East people.,And the noble warrior、Martial artist,Nutrition,So the body is also tall in the middle and soaps.。
Really put in the usual Dongpu people,The ghost child can only say that it is short.,Not too obvious deformity。
So he is happy to stay in Dongpu……
Thirty years ago,When he came to Heroes,Already the leader of the Isais,That is, Duan Tianya’s ancestor。
Combination of Zhongtu Wu and Dongpu,It is the master of Iga sent hundreds of years.,On the status of the rivers and lakes in Dongpu,Shangshi Mado、Liu Sheng, but the horse。
When the ghost child is still there,Liu Sheng, but Malaysia can’t speak loudly in the face of Isais.……
“Boy!A fight with me!”The mad lion battle jumped out,But refers to the dog hybrid shouting。
“what?This uncle,Why do you want to fight??”Dog hybrids have not responded yet。
“Your goods!Also bully?”The ghost child kicked the iron warfare。
“he is great,You join hands to blow up and sing.,I am definitely not an opponent,another……It should be very powerful,This is more powerful!”Iron warfare in the eyes of the throne。
The iron war is also sincere,Feeling that Chu Deirers are too strong,His chances have no chances,It’s interesting to play.,Instead, dog hybrid……It is very likely to be very strong,But at least a specific,I don’t know the iron warfare,It’s more hard to fight。

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