Xia Chenglong looked indifferently tight at this time,There was a little panic in his eyes。

Xia Chenglong’s injury is not healed,So this time, I am not very sure about the battle blood Ji Xia Chenglong,Moreover, the blood girl looks a lot better than yesterday。
Xue Ji poured all her fierceness into her palms,Slight force on hind legs,Towards Xia Chenglong,I jumped over here,The blood girl drew an afterimage on the sky。
Xia Chenglong at this time,Summoned the dragon spirit sword in his own hand,The power of the whole body is condensing little by little,At this time, the blood girl saw Xia Chenglong’s dragon spirit sword emit a faint blue light。
Although separated by a long distance,But the blood girl can still feel the sharp edge carried on Xia Chenglong’s dragon spirit sword。
Xue Ji took a deep breath,I calmed down a little bit,At this time, the figure of the blood girl accelerated,Towards Xia Chenglong,Came over here。
The blood girl came to Xia Chenglong,I caught Xia Chenglong’s face directly,Blood girl’s nails are very long,About half a foot long,Xue Ji’s nails cut through the sky,A sonic boom。
Xia Chenglong saw the blood girl,Towards oneself,When he attacked, he was just a lower waist.,Escaped the attack of the blood girl。
And at this time, Xia Chenglong took the opportunity to elbow her lower abdomen like this,At this time, the blood girl was beaten by Xia Chenglong,I was also retreating backwards,Flew for a long time,Drew a beautiful arc above the sky,Then it fell heavily to the ground。
And this time,Xia Chenglong took the opportunity to move forward and put the Dragon Spirit Sword directly on Xue Ji’s neck.。
When Xia Chenglong saw this scene happening before her eyes,The corners of the mouth were slightly raised,Evokes a playful smile,It looks like this blood girl is just a paper tiger。
And this time,The blood girl saw that she was restrained by Xia Chenglong,It was also a raised head,Glancing at Xia Chenglong,There was a complicated look in the eyes。
This blood girl never thought of Xia Chenglong who was badly injured by herself yesterday,Now he has become so tyrannical。
Xue Ji sighed leisurely,Then at this moment, only a hint of coquettish flickered in Xue Ji’s eyes:“Ugh,Let me go,If you let me go,I can do whatever you want me to do!”
After Xue Ji finished speaking, she licked her red lips,A bloody girl in a red robe with her red lips,Take the little tongue so lightly,Light and sweet,Looks particularly charming。

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