“Longevity?What is worth pursuing?From beginning to end,What i want,Just power,Longer life,No power,Can’t protect myself。”

“Old master,Do you know what immortality is?Feel free to travel around the world,Immortal,One thought can destroy a world,Even if it is severely injured,Just sleep for a while to recover。”
“This kind of power is what I’m looking for,I once met a strong man,Has lived for hundreds of thousands of years,Whether it’s the mind,Still insight,Unfathomable,Ask,Longevity and immortality compared,Which is more important?”
“not to mention,Is there any power for nothing in this world?Want longevity,sure,Asceticism,Why have to fight,Go grab?”
“This is because this world is a world where the weak can eat the strong,When i come back next time,I will resurrect my loved ones,And then kill those enemies of my grandpa。”
“That’s why it’s not ashamed。”
Zhang Chulan said calmly,He is really curious,What do those masked strangers think,If you want longevity, you can tell him clearly,He won’t give up,The Great Qin Dynasty conquered other worlds,The most important thing is cannon fodder,As long as those masked strangers can survive,The cultivation base will definitely go further。
Want for nothing,Is it possible?Don’t say that Zhang Chulan is stronger than them at the moment,Even if Zhang Chulan is weaker than them,The law of longevity is not something they can covet。
at this time,I saw the war in the distance ended completely,The masked alien lost to Zhang Chulan’s sword spirit and Xia Liuqing who was desperately fighting,Fleeing when the situation is bad。
Then Xia Liuqing ordered all-sex disciples to clean the scene,I am going to report the casualty to my head。
“I don’t know how the little friend plans to resurrect his relatives?After all, my little friend’s relatives have been dead for so many years,I’m afraid the bones are already rotten。”
After the heavenly master heard that Zhang Chulan planned to resurrect her relatives,Curiously asked,When I was young,he,Junior Brother Tian,And Zhang Chulan’s grandfather has the best relationship,After hearing that Zhang Chulan intends to resurrect her relatives,Heavenly Master is very curious。
After all, people cannot come back from death,Not to mention having been dead for so many years,I’m afraid the bones are already rotten,Even if there are some mysterious means,I’m afraid it won’t help。
“I know a strong man,He has a treasure in his hand,Can make a wish,As long as you are in the little thousand world,You can make a wish,Wish can come true。”
“And the world we are in,Is a small world,therefore,No need for bones,As long as I use this treasure to make a wish to revive my loved ones。”
“Then under the power of this treasure,My relatives will be resurrected,After all, the heavens are so vast,There are so many mysterious and strange treasures,Isn’t it easy to resurrect life??”
Zhang Chulan said with a smile,The Dragon Ball of the Goku boss is a treasure to their members of the small thousand world group,As long as there are points,Can make a wish。
Although the power of Dragon Ball is limited,Can not directly improve strength,You can do some trivia,Such as resurrecting creatures,It’s easy。
“There is such a powerful treasure in the world,Looks like I really sit on the well。”

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