I saw the grim smile on the corner of the dean’s mouth,Yang Zhe is still in a daze,Zhang Lili has already understood,She looked at Qin Feng,Reveal a

Flowery smile,Brought back the aura suppressed by Zhang Lili a lot!
“If i am the champion,You will be my servant for a while at the graduation party three months later,Bring me tea and water,And admit that I have no eyes!Yang Zhe was there and yelled three times, I’m a big fool, how about?”
Zhang Lili nodded first,Yang Zhe also reluctantly agreed in her non-stop body language。
then,A trace of poison flashed in Zhang Lili’s eyes,She hesitated slightly and said:
“If you can’t,That evening,You and your girlfriend will be dogs for me and Yang Zhe,Where are we going,Where will you be led by us!”
Zhang Lili glanced at Zhang Lili without a trace,A scheming smile appeared on her face。
Zhang Lili looking at Tingtingyuli,A moment later,Everyone shuddered,Even Yang Zhe left Zhang Lili two steps without a trace。
It really is the most poisonous woman’s heart!Qin Fengti’s conditions,It’s not difficult for the two to reach。
If Qin Feng is really the top student in the college entrance examination,Zhang Lili brought him tea and water,Everyone will think Zhang Lili is more vain。College entrance examination champion,Everyone can’t flatter you too much,Drinking tea and water is nothing。
As for Yang Zhe,You can use being drunk as a cover,At most, it’s just a joke after a meal by a classmate who doesn’t know the truth.,Will disappear quickly over time。
not to mention,Qin Feng’s examination of champion,Even if ten Wenqu stars descended,It may not be possible to accomplish this!
The chance of duo making a fool is really too small!
But Zhang Lili’s condition,It means that it is a certainty that Qin Feng and Zhang Lili are being held as dogs.!Dignity of two,Also on the day of the graduation party,Completely trampled,Never turn!
Qin Feng also knows that this matter is tricky,He is about to say no,But Zhang Lili suddenly stopped him.:
“I am Qin Feng’s girlfriend,I promise you!”
“Man Xue,You have to think clearly,You are the head of the five big school flowers,Led by a dog……”
Zhang Lili is still smiling,There was a hint of happiness in her heart。Like the day of the graduation party,She stomped Zhang Lili severely,She is the well-deserved queen of that day!
“Do not worry,Our maid must be busy that day。”
Zhang Lili looked,Smile brightly too。Suddenly,There seems to be only this smile left in the world,Even the sun has become dim。

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