Just here,Tan Long felt,Such a thing,It’s still very good。

And looking at these,At this moment,Tan Long suddenly smiled。
“Interesting,But other things,I won’t say so much for now。”
“Not just this thing next,Qianhao Group,This company also investigated me clearly。”
Tan Long was talking,The whole person smiled suddenly,Because in Tan Long it looks,this matter,He is bound to win。
After all, if the problem of Qianhao Group is resolved,,Then those next questions,It’s all natural,I don’t need to worry so much。
At this moment,As Tan Long thought of this,The more so,Tan Long’s whole person looks better and better。
If next,The more you start to develop at this speed,Tan Long feels,Control Qianhao Group,Just around the corner。
“As long as this matter can be resolved,Then the strength of our Tan family can go further。”
“Even in the third echelon,We can also stand out!”
Look at Tan Long,this matter,From the current point of view,It should be possible to speed up and solve it。
After all these questions,If you don’t deal with it as soon as possible,Then then,Tan Long will regret it。
Chapter 45 Mingxiu Plank Road,Darkness
in fact,Such a thing,place it here,It makes Wang Teng feel better the more he looks。
And after watching for a while,Wang Teng at this time,It doesn’t feel much in itself。
slowly,Looking around。

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