Hu Yang patted him on the shoulder:“Ok!You’re pretty reliable,I’ll give you five thousand yuan for tea later。”

“Thank you so much, brother。”
Hu Yang doesn’t want to talk to him,Look at the time:“We still have something,Go first!”
“Good!brother,Come to play next time,Easy to go!”
Feng Li is not at all worried that Hu Yang will not transfer five thousand yuan to him,With this brother’s character,Don’t say thousands,Don’t take tens of thousands of dollars seriously,I won’t lower my grade for a few thousand yuan。
right now,He doesn’t care about the thousands of tea money,The heart has flown to Fang Yong’s house。Two hundred thousand,According to the previously discussed,He needs fifty thousand。
and so,The most important thing now is to divide the money。
Hu Yang is really his God of Wealth,Two days,Made more than 200,000 from him,Feng Li feels like the time has come。
Watching Populus and they stay away,Feng Li went straight to Fang Yong’s home。
“Hey!Open the door!Don’t think of crossing the river and tearing down the bridge,You know the consequences。”Feng Li knocked on the door for almost half a minute,I haven’t opened the door yet,In a hurry。
At this moment,Fang Yongcai reluctantly opened the door。
Just now,He really wanted to swallow it by himself。Just hand over fifty thousand,It’s you,Does your heart hurt?But hesitated for a long time,Think of Feng Li’s means,He is a little bit confused,Finally open the door。
Feng used his finger to poke the guy’s head:“Are you looking for death??Hurry up and turn over fifty thousand,Don’t be wordy,I don’t ask how much you earn。”
Even if this guy gets 300,000,He still needs 50,000 yuan,Take your own share。
Feng Li’s nose twitched:“There are dead mice in your house。”
Fang Yong obediently turned 50,000 in the past,Depressed:“impossible,I have a cat,How could there be dead mice?”
What is the logic?Can only say at most,There may be no living mice if there are cats,Do dead mice count??After Feng Li got the money,Ignore this cramping guy,Fly away。

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