Seeing that there is a car that I am familiar with driving over,Zheng Ziling urged impatiently。

“Well!If there is any need,You find me again!”
Li Meier smiled helplessly,When turning away,Winked with a few people around,Beckoning them to wait carefully。
With Li Meier’s explanation,The waiters at the door dare not care,They are guarding around Zheng Ziling carefully。
After Li Meier left,Zheng Ziling also sorted out her makeup,Waiting for the car from far and near。
Just the closer,Zheng Ziling became increasingly afraid to confirm that it was his car。
Zheng Ziling confirms that she has no amnesia,But the car I drove today was not long after I bought it,Even when it is handed to Xiangyang,Also brand new,How did you separate,Become so embarrassed?
If it’s not because of the familiar license plate number,Zheng Ziling must think this car belongs to someone else!
Until they watched Xiangyang and the four girls got out of the car,Zheng Ziling is even more sure that this is his car。
There is only a wry smile on my face,Walk towards Xiangyang and the others,Zheng Ziling hasn’t spoken yet,Except Xiangyang,The other three girls rushed into the flowerbed and threw up immediately after getting off the bus。
The waiter at the door hurried to clean up,With Li Meier’s explanation,They dare not even have an extra emotion。
“Yang Yang,Your driving skills,It’s really not flattering!”
Bai Lu’s face pale,May have suffered a lot in the past,So after motion sickness,She was also the first to recover。

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