“why?”Girl Binghe showed a surprised expression,It’s still very vivid。

“Because I see you are not human!Dawei Tianlong,Da Luo Fa Mantra,Boro Buddha,Bhagavan,Boro!”Lu Menglin glared wide,Shouted loudly with empty mouth。
“This,What kind of curse is this?”Girl ice shocked on the spot,Totally incomprehensible,What is that extraordinary being like myself doing。
Lu Menglin did nothing,Just memorized a section of Super 2nd line from previous life memory,Then take advantage of the situation to transfer the mighty image of Fahai in the movie to the spiritual body of Glacier through spiritual power.。
This is a meaningless image,Including lines,Lu Menglin didn’t want to achieve any goal through this,Purely a test,Because he just noticed something,Simply prove through this nonsensical way。
“Dawei Tianlong,Flying dragon in the sky!”Lu Menglin opened a pair of big eyes,Seriously yelling。
really,The girl on the opposite side of Glacier seems to see something extremely scary,Scared Huarong pale,Shook his head repeatedly,Keep muttering:“what is this?Without logic!Pointless!This unscientific!”
“Haha!I already know what you are!You’re done!Dawei Tianlong,Buddhas Mercy,The evil spirits retreat!”Lu Menglin shouted,While striding towards the girl glacier。
“Do not,Do not!This shouldn’t!Calculation overflow,Must be destroyed immediately!”The girl Binghe’s face in white is still strange,She obviously keeps smiling,But there is a feeling of gritted teeth。
Obviously there are two opposite expressions,But appeared on a face,Terrifying。
This is not a terrible expression that humans can have!This mysterious woman,Really not human!
The surrounding environment has changed drastically,Vision Suddenly,The world seems to darken suddenly,A blizzard is coming,Lu Menglin even felt snow particles hit her face。
“Dawei Tianlong!You can’t hurt me!Because I have two guardians!Your Dharmakaya has appeared,You’re done!”Lu Menglin shouted。
The voice has not fallen,His words are like decree,Speak up,I saw the mountain not far away,Suddenly disintegrated,Showing a metallic luster,That’s the metallic color of the king of destruction。
And the river at the feet of the two,And suddenly shrink,Turned into a long tail in the end,The tip of the needle shimmers with cold,Daunting。
One thousand three hundred and twenty-four chapters Thunder burst
When the mountain peaks in front of you and the river at your feet show up,Lu Menglin knew he was right again!
Since this ghost place is the sea of consciousness of the ancient pan evil god,And it has been damaged,Or maybe the divine consciousness didn’t pass through at all,Then how can there be mountains and rivers in its sea of consciousness?

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