Can’t help but feel ridiculous,Even if Evincent fantasizes about killing that giant。When we fought side by side before,The jailers even made some sacrifices to cooperate with the giant,And now the battle is stable,The first they control is the giant。I don’t know if that giant thinks it’s worthless,But Ivincent is a pity for him,Even now Ivincent still wants to kill the giant himself。

Sitting in a car that shakes a little,Evincent frowned slightly,Then stretch,Asked the driver driving ahead:“You are very smart,What’s your name?”
The driver wearing a smiley mask replied briefly,Then he started driving intently again,The sirens seem to chase yourself behind,Has nothing to do with him,It’s just that you turn your head to look at your computer from time to time。
Evincent remembers this man named Robinson,Before, he used a computer to help him hack into the fire system and the interior of the Temple of Zeus,Really good!Evincent nodded secretly。
“How long can we get rid of the tail behind?”
&nbs Evincent looked at the chaser behind leisurely,Thinking can be regarded as reducing the pressure for those followers,He who has no guilt at all,It seemed to be relieved with a sigh。
“Two more streets,We can disappear!”
After Robinson answered one sentence, he stopped talking.,The conversation between smart people is roughly like this,No one needs to explain the words clearly,Everyone knows each other,In the car, only Dawson was listening,But Dawson can understand the general meaning,It’s about another five minutes’ drive,The police can’t catch up。
Robinson was right,After less than ten minutes of driving,This brand new truck was mixed into the truck team,If it wasn’t for Robinson to actively want to expose,I’m afraid they will not be exposed for a few hours in the truck line。
“This is the romance of this city,People playing truck parade here,Never know,What happened ten kilometers away!”
Robinson stretched his hands,Made a very relaxing move。
“The stupidity of this world lies in people who claim to be righteous,Never shoot at civilians,Otherwise, as long as they were bold,Left a few bullet holes in our car,It’s not going to spin around like a headless fly!But how did you prepare this truck in advance?”Evincent asked unintentionally。
“No matter what the game,When it’s over to go home,I just need to figure out when we will end,Then just look at the desserts!”
Robinson’s tone is relaxed,Until now,He only looked up at Evincent in the rearview mirror,Just said nothing。
Pretending to be relaxed tone and casual questions,Two people who have never met will not remove the veil that wraps them when they just meet。
“I didn’t intend to interrupt the conversation between you,But i feel i’m not well!”
After getting rid of the hunt,Dawson is also relieved。Just after he relaxes,But suddenly felt some pain in the chest,Subconsciously covered it,Then his hands are covered with blood。

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