Just get to half,The banquet suddenly turned off,Follow,The proud laughter passes the sound through the sound of the whole banquet hall.。

A bunch of lights to the wall,Pigeon flying in purple smoke,Waiting for smoke,Out of the stirberry, the figure of white dress。
Liao Wenjie:“……”
impossible,He is a thousand tricks,Various styles,No reason to see the wrong。
If it is not his fault,That is the mistake of Kidd,This strange kid is a fake in front of you.。
If it is not……
That must be the fault of the world!
“Don’t have a white feet,Even if you are prepared, you are not used.,Because of this‘Dark star’I have already got it.。”Talk between talking,Kidd’s black pearl in the palm of the palm,The horses on the face visible。
“Sure enough,。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head,Although I haven’t seen Kidd himself,But the sneak is not running,Returns the thief of the scene to force, no good end,If this Kidd is true,Early, I jail.。
Suzuki friends touched pistol,Continuous buckle trigger,The Kidd of the words is shooting on the spot.。
Light of light,A piece of death,The screams arrived at the scene and five seconds。
Just when the police entangled, do you want to take the Suzuki family?,Suzuki is loudly,The death of the dead, Kidd, also resurrected。
Rich people’s farce,It belongs to the city will play series。
Putting up a Kidd, named Zhenfei,It is a magician that Suzuki invited to live.。
This true field seems to be quite famous.,After the identity, I received a lot of applause.,He takes off his camouflage,Laugh on a gift。
“Guest,Designee Tiantaiyi,The next program is a magic performance。Before this,I strongly emphasize a sentence first.,Don’t be obsessed with the thief,Children can not regard him as idols,Furnish,He shows the purpose of magic is to steal,Regardless of the identity,Can’t change, he is a thief essence.。”
applause,The rich people in the field agree with this sentence,No one wants to be at Kord,Awakening,I found that I’m gone。
“First of all,I am going to perform a simple card magic for everyone.。”
Tri Fa will take a playing card from his arms,Pulled two times:“Because there will be audiences to question,So I want to invite a few lucky audience to help shuffle、Cut card,To prove that my poker card does not have any problems。”
Talk between talking,Several lucky audiences were selected,One of them is by Liao Wenjie,Or acquaintance。
Fu Zexiong three。
“It’s you,Girlfriend is gone,Actually, I still have a thought to see people’s performance magic.。”Liao Wenjie vomiting,Slag manbook,Take more calls at this time.。
“The scorpion is not in me. There is no way.,But here is a sea,I can only find her after I can go up.。”Fu Zexiong three,Like a laugh。
I thought it was shaken for a moment.,Two superimposed playing cards are scattered,He can only go to。
“forget it,Or I will come to the card.!”Liao Wenjie bent down to help,Pick two playing cards,Hand flying quickly。
Fu Zhezhi:(?beneficial?)
what’s the situation,Why is Liao Wenjie still around him?,So where the fragrance is tearful.?
“uncle,Finally I find you。”

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