“what?nice!This is skin metalization?How is the control?”Lu Menglin was slightly surprised,Reached out and patted Liu Yi’s fist。

His shot,The action is light and clear,Without a trace of smoke,But it was extremely light and pressed on Liu Yi’s fist。
Two punches,Just touched,Liu Yi suddenly turned his wrist,Turn fists into claws,To Lu Menglin’s veins。
His five fingers all show a metallic color,Like a mechanical claw,The force used is extremely precise,It’s like measuring with a ruler。
Lu Menglin couldn’t avoid it,Let his fingertips rest on his veins,Just a pulse,He bounced Liu Yi’s five fingers away。
Liu Yi’s whole body was as if electrocuted,Shivered,The surprise on his face flashed away。
“awesome!As expected of Lu Menglin!I thought that after becoming a mutant,I can ask you for some bargain1”Liu Yi smiled bitterly。
He was really confident,Willingly reveal it in front of old friends,How can I know after this test?,Lu Menglin is still unfathomable,Even if you have mutation ability,Not sure to face。
“Not bad!Your ability is really special,Not only can you metalize your limbs,Can also ossify opponents,Offense, defense and control are all。”Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Raised his wrist。
At this moment,Everyone noticed,Lu Menglin’s veins have a little more metallic color,But soon faded。
“Even more powerful mutation,I can’t use it against you, a master of martial arts!Before controlling you,Enough to be killed by youNI’m back。”Liu Yi smiled bitterly。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“It is indeed a very powerful ability!Not only can be used to kill the enemy,Can protect oneself。”
Liu Yi smiled slightly,I know that Lu Menglin has seen through his abilities,It’s not convenient for him to talk in depth。
His metalization ability,Ranked top five in the military,Not only within three seconds,Metalize itself,Invulnerable,And within eight seconds,Make the objects in contact with your body also metal,The enemy can make it rigid,Win easily,Use for yourself,Can play a protective role,After the target is metalized,Can withstand many types of damage,In terms of protecting dignitaries,No one can match。

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