A white crane handmade on the dress,And Jiang Yan, whose skin is transparent and fair,It gives people a fresh and refined feeling。

“Wife,I think it’s a pity that you are not a star,If you’re a star, there really won’t be any problems with those female stars,Better than them without makeup。”Qin Feng froze for a moment,After seeing Jiang Yan put on a touch of makeup, she praised。
Qin Feng was also particularly moved,Jiang Yan is willing to dress herself carefully,And appeared as his own wife,That’s also indirectly giving myself a face。
No man doesn’t want to go out with a beautiful wife,Qin Feng is the same。
And the crane on Jiang Yan,Seems to imply,Jiang Yan will feel like standing out from the crowd tonight。
“I’m not going to be a star,Look at those female stars,Kiss this today,The one who kissed tomorrow,Disgusting thinking about it。”Jiang Yan said in a not uncommon tone。
“Silly wife,That’s before,Now people are looking for substitutes,Or catch the misalignment,There are few real relatives。”Qin Feng couldn’t help but smile。
My daughter-in-law is really cute,Except for the things I do,Others really don’t have any common sense。
“Anyway,I’m not rare。”Jiang Yan continued to retort。
“Metaphor,Daughter-in-law, can we not be so serious。”Qin Feng smiled and looked at Jiang Yan’s serious look,Keep saying:“My beautiful lady,Can we go now?”
Qin Feng finished,Jiang Yan did not
Pay attention to him,But go ahead。
“Hello president!”Out of the office,Everyone who saw Jiang Yan,Are saying hello to her。
And Qin Feng is like air,No one cares。
The angry and fiery Qin Feng,Take the elevator with Jiang Yan to the lobby on the first floor。
“Feng Ge!”
“Big brother!”when did you come?Why don’t we know?
Just arrived on the first floor,Several security guards rushed up,Say hello to Qin Feng。

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