But Liu Xing is completely useless,“Alright,I don’t think you can give me the chips I want。”

“Yo?What bargaining chip do you want?”Qin Feng suddenly felt very interesting,After all, these years are not for money and women,Is there any other bargaining chip?
“I want to join the spider,Can you give me this opportunity?”Liu Xing said。
Hear this,Qin Feng frowned,of course,At this moment he is suppressing his emotions,Otherwise, Liu Xing would have been blown by a single shot。Liu Xing will definitely be dead before,But after Qin Feng met Cen Wen and Chen Feng,The view of spiders has changed somewhat。of course,The goal of destroying this organization is impossible to change。
“Why join the spider?Can you ignore their atrocities?If this is the case,I don’t need to keep an enemy like you!”
Qin Feng is not a Virgin,Even to some extent,He is still bloodthirsty。Hundreds of people died in his hands when he captured those military camps.。
“Ha ha,Actually, I don’t think I can go back.。You won’t understand,Shoot!”Liu Xing closes his eyes,Waiting to die。
“Not in a hurry,Close for two days!”
Qin Feng thinks this kid should conceal something。As for what is being concealed, it is not yet known。but it does not matter,Put him in custody anyway,Hungry for a day or two,And then give him something to eat。Qin Feng really didn’t believe that someone committed suicide by starving himself to death。
Liu Xing was taken down。But because Qin Feng ordered,So Liu Xing was not put in prison,But was locked in a room。
But he tied the hand chain and anklet。Extremely inconvenient to act!of course,It’s actually impossible to lock Liu Xing。Because as long as he uses some tricks or something,Maybe the guards can check his condition,Then come an anti-kill。
Qin Feng knows these ways too well,So throw him into an empty room,But no one was guarded。Just simply lock the door。As for whether he can escape from prison,Qin Feng thinks this possibility is relatively small。That’s a chain of tens of kilograms。
Except leaving from the main entrance,He has no other way,Smash the wall?That’s definitely not possible。
the most important is,Qin Feng asked Zhong Fa to visit this product occasionally,There is a clock,There is no possibility for Liu Xing to escape。
at last,After a few hours,Lin Wenkong came back with someone。
although,They drove back here with supplies,But at this time there is no joy on their faces。
Because Qin Feng could tell,This time the battle,They can be said to have suffered heavy casualties。

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