to be honest,He really hates being alone。

Wang Shuai thought,Pick up chopsticks and taste the dishes,Then nodded and said:“Really good!”
“Occasionally eating is okay,Too tired。”Chen Wenjin eating,Wang Shuai ate something first,Padded stomach,Got up and went to toast to the bread room。
Wang Shuai will be back soon,Said with a big smile:“Rose is good,Good performance,A trace of suspicion combined with casual calmness,I’ll toast a few times later,I seem to want to know the situation of Qiangwei and Uncle Zhang,Can it inspire Uncle Zhang’s desire to conquer??”
“Without the process of conquering, he would not believe that he had captured Qiangwei’s sincerity.,There is more Qiangwei and the struggle of your last feeling,Then Qiangwei is completely relieved for you,Then his eyes are full of admiration and admiration for him,He can enjoy the sense of accomplishment of competition and victory,So I can be sure that Qiangwei’s heart belongs to him,People like him are very controlling,I like the obedient who is trained by one hand,Refuge without process is always a lot worse。”Although Chen Wenjin looked at Wang Shuai,I think he in this period,The enthusiasm for humanity exploration is much stronger than in the future,Maybe the future Wang Shuai has no surprises about human nature,There is no interest in exploring。“You designed to play this game,Has practical meaning,Good for you and rose,In the end, he will show you a little more pity and sympathy for the loser,You find him later,He will be happy to show the tolerance and love of the winner。”
“This routine is a bit interesting……Retreat!Boring lately,Today is finally fun!”Wang Shuai had something to eat,I guess the time is almost the same,I went to the other side to toast again。
So repeatedly until the fourth time,The opposite man named Zhang after Wang Shuai left temporarily,Smiled and said something to Qiangwei:“Wang Shuai is very enthusiastic today,Although he is usually polite,But this is the first time like today。”
“is it?”Qiangwei agreed,Actually a bit strange,I don’t know what Wang Shuai means,Faintly wondering if Wang Shuai is unwilling to lose because of loss,Deliberately tracked here。But I think it’s too passionate to think so,Wang Shuai would be like this?
however,Besides,She can’t find another reason。
She is so,The man surnamed Zhang even believed that Wang Shuai was giving up。
So in the room,The man made Qiangwei face the window,Watching the car parked outside,Against her at the back,ask:“When you came here, you knew Wang Shuai when you saw the car,right?”
“Is not!That car is golden,I don’t know Wang Shuai will take time off today with Huang Jin。”Qiangwei quickly denied,In fact, she really didn’t know。
“Know now。”The man said,Hands start to touch taboo,He looked at the car and said:“Imagine,Wang Shuai sitting in the car,Looking at you by the window?”
“I broke up with him long ago。”The person behind Qiangwei’s mind is abnormal,But can’t tell,Soon she found out,The man behind is in this abnormal fantasy simulation state,Unexpectedly excited,Can’t help thinking:‘What a pervert!’
Qiangwei doesn’t understand this abnormal psychology。

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