First50chapter Bunch of bitches

Holding the received bouquet in hand,There is a warm current flowing through my heart,Maybe this is the feeling of being cared about,I haven’t felt this way for a long time,Warm and nostalgic。
“Oh shit!It’s her!”
A man in yellow short sleeves suddenly pointed to Warm Nuan and said,Squeezed out the cigarette butt in his hand,Spit out,I looked up and down a few warm and warm,Somewhat despised。
“Just such a little sister needs a few brothers?”
Hearsay,The little brother next to Huang Mao took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket again,Handed it to Huang Mao,Nod and bow,Looks so funny。
“Big brother!Come,smoke!Just watch it on the side,Leave these things to our brothers,Make sure to make things completely beautiful!”
Hearsay,Huang Mao sneered,Slapped him in the hair,Scolded:“Mom!You give me cigarettes,Do you want to kill me?”
I heard being scolded by my elder brother,That little brother put the cigarette away。
Watching this scene with warm eyes,Are the current gangsters so unsightly??this one,Still want to find my fault,Warm and Nuan would not think that they just felt bad when they saw themselves。
Few people pass by this street,Many people died here before,People feel bad,I saw these people this night,Warm and Nuan knows that they are waiting for themselves on purpose,I know my route home from school,Who else but Wen Yunyun?
“Boss,This little girl doesn’t seem to be afraid of us!”
Seeing the warmth, I was a little too calm,Those gangsters also find it new,A bit strange looking warm and warm,But I didn’t take it to heart。
“Little girl!Courageous,It’s a pity that brothers can’t let you go!”

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