“That crazy promise won’t be true, right?You are not crazy?”

Qin Feng hasn’t spoken yet,Xia Lin looked at Zuo Menghan hostilely:
“If you don’t believe it,Qin Feng will definitely win!Without your help,Qin Feng can get the admission ticket,Big deal, I beg the teacher to accept Qin Feng!”
Turned his head,Xia Lin shook Qin Feng’s arm from side to side:
“Qin Feng,You can’t fall into the beauty trick,This woman has nothing to do,Maybe there is something hidden,There are so many bad guys now!”
Seeing that the two are arguing again,Qin Feng helplessly wiped the beads of sweat on his head.:
“Two listen to me,One by one?”
“Teacher Zuo,That promise is true,But I am confident of victory,Don’t worry!”
Qin Feng looked at Zuo Menghan,Serious look。
“cut,It seems you are still facing your little girlfriend!Row,My old aunt will not bother you,Remember to come back to class later!”
The Chase Order in Qin Feng’s Dialect,How can Zuo Menghan not understand,She looked at Charlene and smiled,Then turned to leave。
But soon,She paused,Turned again,Staring at Charlene with playful eyes:
“Qin Feng,If you are like this, the winning side is too small,Come to my teachers’ dormitory at night,I will give you a small stove!”
Zuo Menghan deliberately bit the words “open small stove” very hard,Then there was another laugh,Feeling twisted and left。
This drew Xia Lin Qin Fengwu claws,Had it not been for Qin Feng,Xia Lin was already fighting Zuo Menghan。
Wiped the sweat from his head,Qin Feng released Xia Lin,He looked suspiciously at the girl in front of him:
“Speak,Why do you have to let me be your boyfriend?”

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