Greedy and lazy people’s slimming method

Greedy and lazy people’s slimming method

We are always discovering new ways to lose weight, and we are always vetoing it. It may not be suitable for you. It doesn’t matter. Recently, a new method of nutrition slimming has become popular internationally, that is, low.GI slimming method.

You may wish to try it.

  Noun explanation: GI’s so-called GI, that is, the glycemic index is the “glycemic (glucose) index” in nutrition, that is, the ratio of absorbed food to “sugar” in the body.

Foods with high GI values will accelerate the rise of blood sugar in the body. The rise of blood sugar will lead to the secretion of insulin, and the sudden increase of insulin is the culprit to promote the formation of misfortune.

Choosing low GI foods can reduce insulin secretion and reduce excessive production and slight formation.

  Eating foods with moderate GI values is the key to people’s weight control.

At the suggestion of a dietitian or through self-study, people can achieve a healthy weight-loss by balancing the intake of foods with low GI values.

  The principle of low GI value slimming insulin is a hormone secreted by the protease.

When we eat, the blood sugar level rises, the pancreas secretes insulin, and the blood sugar required by the body is stored in the liver or muscle. The excess blood sugar is converted into an adult and stored.

The amount of insulin affects the absorption of human body metastasis. The choice of a variety of supplemental glucose foods can reduce the secretion of insulin in the human body, and has the effect of preventing metastasis and slight formation.

If the blood sugar rises too high in a short period of time, it will stimulate the body function and convert the conversion into the body into a sputum, so it will become fat.

  Low GI value slimming method to eat low-GI nutritionally balanced food, so that the food is transformed, slowly and continuously absorbed by the body, part of which becomes unfortunate, and is consumed by other organs of the body, thereby achieving slimming purposes.

  The trick is to eat a lot of vegetables first. Most vegetables are low-GI (glucose) foods. Eating vegetables first will increase the feeling of satiety, so you won’t eat too much starchy food.

  Recommendation: Fresh vegetables are eaten raw. Vegetables that are rich in fiber are cooked (even if only boiled), GI is higher than when eaten raw, so raw food is better than cooked.

  Trick 2 Choose coarse rice When the staple food changes the staple food into coarse rice, you can get full satiety, the pressure will not accumulate, and a series of serious constipation problems will be solved.

  Recommendation: After changing the white rice to coarse rice, once the body’s slight rate decreases, there is evidence of slight burning.

  Tip 3 Use fruit instead of sweets. Recommendation: Most fruits are low in GI. Eating every day will not affect weight loss.

  Tip 4 Use fruits, lactic acid drinks, and enjoy the pleasure of snacks: adding fruit to lactic acid drinks also has a unique flavor, which makes the absorption of dairy products slower.

  Tips for choosing 5 whole breads for whole wheat: Eat artificial sweet jam.

  Trick 6 replace sugar with sugar substitute: In addition to sugar substitute, fructose, Oligo oligosaccharide, are condiments that do not affect insulin secretion.

  Tip 7 Avoid eating high GI foods, simple weight loss advice: It is best not to eat pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, not to eat, try to cook thoroughly, or add milk to carefully boil.

  Trick 8 lunch with pasta as the main pasta, soba noodles, Chinese noodles can be used as a meal.

Take a noodle-based food, how to eat it.

  Suggestion: If you want to eat noodles, there are more dishes and higher nutritional value, which is the best choice.

  The trick is to eat more than 9 foods. Soy products with added protein are the source of excellent vegetable protein. The animal protein of fish and meat should also be absorbed at the same time.

  The trick is to enrich the 10 seas with rich fiber. To solve the constipation suggestion: Let the kelp foods with better metabolic rate have a lot of weight loss effects.

The chlorophyll contained in the kelp class increases the metabolic function and increases the slight burning rate. In addition to losing weight, the cold feet of the opponent also help.

  Tip 11 has a double protein vinegar, suggesting to reduce the GI value: shorten the consumption of lemon, citrus and other acid foods, can reduce the GI value, but be careful not all foods with acid taste will have an effect.

  The key to the success of low GI value slimming.

Low GI value, nutritionally balanced food.

Dairy products, high fiber foods are the best choice.

It is best to have a diet prepared by a dietitian, or learn to memorize the GI value of various foods and reject the intake of high GI foods.


Normal eating habits.

Irregular work schedule, overeating is a taboo for weight loss.


appropriate exercise.

When doing low GI weight loss, moderate exercise is essential.However, it is not suitable for high-intensity horizontal exercise. Reasonable and moderate exercise is the key to the success of slimming. Walking and swimming are the best ways to exercise. The important thing is to persevere and avoid a violent cold.

  Not suitable for the population: pregnant women, patients with diseases and adolescents in development.

Patients with diseases should first follow the doctor’s advice to eat properly and cure the disease in time.

Because young people are in the stage of growth and development, it is not recommended to use the low GI slimming method.

  Expert comment: Low GI value slimming has scientific theory as a guiding basis, is a healthy and nutritious way to lose weight.

Because people who use low-glycemic diets do not strictly control their diets in their daily lives, they can count calories and do not use intense exercise to achieve weight loss, so it is a good choice for greedy mouths and people who don’t like sports.But the weight loss effect is not very prominent.

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